What do my HOA dues pay for?


This varies with each HOA. In many cases, homeowners are not aware that all common area vendors are paid from the HOA dues. For example, electricity to pool houses, street lights, insurance costs, pool upkeep, landscaping, and many more. Each homeowner has a responsibility to pay their portion for the upkeep of the shared common area. 

Are my HOA dues mandatory?


Yes, in most cases all HOA dues are mandatory. Upon purchasing a home in an HOA neighborhood, you should receive the covenants of the HOA. These will explain all assessments, and when they are due. Please note, failure to pay your dues may result in late fees, interest, collections, and liens on your property. 


What if I am going to be late paying my dues?


Please reach out to your community manager at our office. In many cases, there is a late fee that will be posted onto your account, and this information can be found in your covenants. If there is any issue in paying your dues, please contact us.


Can I set up a payment plan for my late dues? 
This varies with each HOA, depending upon your covenants. Please contact your community manager, who will request a letter in writing who will in turn contact your Board of Directors for approval. 


Can I pay my dues over the phone? 


No, not at this time. 


How can I pay my dues? 


You can pay by credit or debit card online by clicking Pay Dues for a small convenience fee, or you can send in a check to 4915 N. Main Street #16 Acworth, Ga 20101. Please remember to include your address and community name to ensure correct application of your payment. Never send cash, it will not be accepted.